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Getting Started

1. Book your session online or at our reception

2. Make sure you register online or at our reception and then have each guests photo taken at reception. (optional)

3. Each guest will be given a wristband. All guests are also required to wear socks, they can be their own otherwise we can provide Billy Beez socks at £1 each.

4. Access the centre with your wristband through the security gates. You can then redeem your £1.99 adults 18+ voucher in the café.


We highly recommend that all guests have their photo taken due to security reasons, you can find out more here on the FAQ page.

Please read full terms and conditions on our website to ensure you are elligible to play.

Either fill in a registration form online or visit us directly.

You can either book online or visit us directly to book an off peak or peak session.

Online booking facilities are also available at the centre.

When you arrive at reception a photograph of ALL guests Is to be taken for security purposes. (Optional but recommended)

Once having paid and booked your session you will receive a wristband indicating the start time of your session for the 3 hour access. Each visitor will receive a wristband.

Every member is required to wear socks within the centre, your own socks can we worn however we do have Billy Beez grip socks at £1 per pair available at reception on the door.

You use your wristband to enter the centre via the security gates.

Please keep your receipt for reference.

Adults 18+ spectators can redeem their £1.99 voucher at the coffee shop.

Access to the whole facility free of charge is now yours. *Dependent upon age.

Finally when your session expires use your band to exit.

Merchandise is available at this point if you wish to treat the children!


Our professionally trained and certified play attendants are stationed throughout the centre to ensure the safety of all guests. They judge Rainbow Wave slide races, maintain order and play alongside the guests. They are truly the special ingredient of our facility! However, it is important to remember that all parents or legal guardians are responsible for their own children and are required to be in the building at all times during the visit to Billy Beez. Under no circumstances are Billy Beez responsible for children being left unattended within the play centre.

Opening Times

Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm (Off-Peak)
Saturday, 10am-7pm (Peak)
Sunday, 10am-5:30pm (Peak)

*Weekends and holiday periods are considered peak times

Each session is for a 2 hour period only.

Online booking available!

*Billy Beez UK have the right to change opening times and prices as and when required.

Infants aged

£2.99 inc. softplay
T&C's apply. Redeemable at Cafe.

Children aged

£6.99 off peak
£8.99 peak

Children aged

£7.99 off peak
£9.99 peak


£1.99* *Redeemable in Honey Café


FREE With a paid child or toddler

Billy Beez Socks - £1

Every customer needs to wear socks, we have Billy Beez socks available for purchase on the door for £1.

Combo Pack

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